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Shikyo-Kai Medical Group

The Shikyokai was established with the aim of realizing a sustainable healthy society, in order to reflect the voices of medical sites and the businesses that support them from the perspectives of "industry" and "management" in national and regional administration.

We are also committed to providing a positive solution to the concerns and dissatisfaction of the public regarding the medical system and medical services.

Japan's world-class medical environment is the result of the combined efforts of the government, the public sector, and the private sector, and we share the desire to pass this on to the next generation in an evolved form.

In addition, we will pursue and implement the ideal future medical environment in accordance with the principles of the SDGs, while looking not only at Japan but also at the world and conducting support and educational activities for the future of children as well as adults.

Through such efforts, we operate medical facilities to create a new sustainable society with many people.

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